Internet-forged apathy

"How to Get the Job" — Spidey Tip #1: Pure seduction.

Why is it so, that a human’s worth is determined by his or her physical appearance? Why are we people so obsessed with setting and upholding  limits and rules on what is accepted? The constructed ideas of beauty are just that - constructed. They don’t reflect reality, but something made up. We drain our energy in the mission of fitting in and belonging, longing for the happiness and joy we’re promised. Why on earth has this become a force so powerful it controls such gigantic masses? I for one think about this often. For not so long ago I had a conversation with my mother about how much she hates the way she looks. She told me how much her legs disgust her. I asked her why. She looked at me as if I was out of my mind, and then ran a finger from her thigh down to her ankle. “All these cellulites, and these ugly varicose veins popping up, they’re horrible”. I asked her why this disgusts her. Her answer was: “Because it IS disgusting and ugly”. I proceeded to question her opinion  about this and told her that if no one/nothing ever implied that these things were ugly, she wouldn’t have a reason to believe so either. As stubborn as she is, she still argued back. Finally she bursted out: “Well I’m not going to praise my legs”. I looked at her for a while before i replied: “How much  easier wouldn’t your life be if you DID just praise your legs?”.It sickens me to know that the woman that gave birth to me, raised me and has given me everything feels disgusted because of how she looks! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my mother is and how much she means to me, and it makes me so sad to think about how miserable something as insignificant as her the visible veins on her legs make her feel. She deserves so much more. She deserves happiness and love, and I would give anything to make her see that.I’m so tired of this.- reblogging ok with notes intact.

Spider-Man by Marco D’Alfonso